flowerpublishing was created in 2010

Author Maryann opened a book publishing company 

to help writers publish their book

As an author herself Maryann knew what writers go through

Writing stories sending them to publishing companies with a synopsis and hope they receive an acceptance letter stating

they want to publish their book

Instead it’s a rejection letter and you decide to stop writing

Knowing already you are not famous and why your book won’t be publsihed

Maryann is here to mentor these writers

They have talent and it’s not fair how writers are treated

flowerpublishing is here to support your writings    




Revolution is about poetry, defining aspects that require correction in the humanity.

We are who we are, no one can tell us to be who we are not. People who have received the

opportunity of variety. Let them learn that what they bring with them of a stale theory

will not continue in a world that is taught to adjust because we have the liberty






Maryann Hayatian was born and raised in Montreal Canada
She started writing poetry and stories at a very young age
She studied at Concordia university in creative writing and art design

She studied Montessori kindergarten education at North American Montessori Center

Maryann published age of adolescence poetry,  love is blind but the neighbors aint,  flowerchild, cookie a cats tale and revolution poetry

Maryann worked for magazines, publishing companies and newspapers for projects

She noticed the writing industry hasn’t been equal to writers
Maryann opened her book publishing company flowerpublishing
Maryann has become a mentor to writers







love is blind but the neighbors ain’t

Lynna, her life stands in the city of Montreal in the early 1970’s. A university student

majoring in advertising, someday she will explain her emotions with pictures. Her

friends Celia, Antonio, Syd and James have seen a glow from her that no one has. But,

she herself doesn’t know what this glow defines. And then along came Scott,

businessman-like model, brushing her feet away from the present and placing her in

la-la land. Could she be with the right one? Only if she glows, she will know. From

memories of her past, she asks herself, “Maybe James could be the one?” Her feelings

seem to be not quite set away. Curiosity awakens her and, in the end, destiny leads her

to where she belongs – if James feels the same. Advice from her best friend Celia and

her older sister Hayley makes her realize her love life is going backwards. Will she

stay with Mr. Businessman or will James walk her way? Join Lynna and the gang in

their captivating adventures.


age of adolecence

Age of Adolescence is a collection of treasured poems written to visualize many experiences seen from youth to adulthood. This book will be a grand connection to others, who have very similar situations such as being in love, heartbreaks, sadness, friendships, and so on. MaryAnn describes her poems as artistic. Each has a realistic truth about the way of life. These poems will help youth and perhaps others deal with certain things which they are going through


mcgill university

love is blind but the neighbors ain’t is not your typical coming of age story. rather Maryann Hayatian’s novella is an innocent tale of a young university student trying to find her place in the world
these days we find ourselves swamped with tales of young students overcoming eating disorders and drug use.
with a breath of fresh air hayatian brings us something that most of us can actually relate to
out of hayatian’s imiagiuntion comes a short love story set in maryann’s favorite decade the seventies involving a love triangle between protogonist lynna and the objects of her affection james and scott
lynna contemplates her future wondering whether it involves a successful career in advertising or a life with the person she loves
love is blind is set in montreal the author’s hometown and hayatian describes places that the average montreal student can easily identify with whether it;’s french cafe on the corner of crescent and ste catherine or a theater in old montreal
she also incorporates photography in her book showing the reader glimpses of this grat city in order to draw them further into the characters world
“i’ve always like photography and i always wanted to show that in a book” remarks hayatian
she puts her caried techniques to use in love is blind even
designing the cover of her book
hayatian has made her success writing about what most students struggle with getting good grades and slowly developing their opinions and values
already the author of a book of poetry age of adoelccence
she has set an example for every young writer out there to not give up on his or her dream and to not be afraid to takce chances
being a bit nervouse about my phone inteterview with maryann hayatian
i was pleasantly surprised by how giggly and friendly she was
in fact by the end of our converstation there was so much giggling betweeen the both of us that we sounded like a couple of schoolgirls
our conversation ranged from teeange angst to many lawsuits the film borat ha received
success has got the better of hayatian and her humbleness is refelected in her writing
love is blind gives us a window into lynnas life
with her gang celia antonio james and syd
and the reader will be surprised by how easy it is to connect to hayatian’s characters whether you have once dated someone who is just like scott or had a best friend
with the same personilty like celia

concordia university

“Never be afraid to be a dreamer, you will find the path to your successful journey.” MaryAnn
Hayatian, a Montrealer decided to follow her own advice. She proved to herself that dreams really do come true when she recently became a published author.
The Age of Adolescence, a collection of her poems, was released in late September. The poems
describe the difficulties of life as a teenager. At the same time, they offer some insight on how to deal with the tough stuff that comes with growing up.
“My poems give advice about life and what can go wrong,”
she said during a recent interview.
Hayatian graduated from Concordia in 2001 with a degree creative writing and  art design. She began writing at a very young age. However, she said it really became important to her when she was about 12.
The poems she picked for her book were written towards the end of her high school years. Hayatian said this was a very important transition period for her.
Her poems talk about life, love, relationships and sadness. She always hoped her work would get published because she wanted people to connect with her.
“I really wanted people to read about how I felt,” she said.
In the beginning, she sent her work to many places but had no luck. However, she didn’t give up
You can definitely sympathize with her when you read her poems. They really have the capacity to bring you back in time and make you remember what it was like to be a teenager.
Her words are real and powerful. Hayatian’s poems have the ability to evoke emotion. Her work is inspirational because it delivers a positive message.
Verses filled with hope and optimism permeate the pages of her book. “Courage gives you the open space to try. Patience in every day life makes the story of your biography never run dry” and “Never your journey will end because of sweet faults block your way…Reach out your spirit, you shouldn’t care what they say” are among the most powerful lines.
As for Hayatian’s future plans, she would love to work in the newspaper or the magazine industry. She also hopes to
publish children’s book one day.
“You must work hard and have patience. Don’t stop dreaming cause dreams will come true,” she said

Concordia graduate Maryann Hayatian has some words of advice for any students grappling with doubt about their chosen career path.
“If you have a talent,” she said, “you’ve got to tell yourself that you cannot give up on it.”
This notion of perseverance is what helped Hayatian to follow her dream of becoming a published writer. Hayatian published her third piece of work in May 2006.
Love is Blind, But the Neighbors Ain’t tells the story of Lynna, a
Concordia student who struggles to find her way through a difficult romantic relationship.
Before publishing this story, Hayatian published a book of poetry The Age of Adolescence: Poetry.
Hayatian said she has been writing since she was about 12 years old. She started with poetry, and then moved on to short stories, children’s stories and plays.
Hayatian, who studied creative writing and art design at Concordia, said being a writer is definitely her chosen career. Although she found it difficult to get her work published at first, Hayatian said she felt the need to keep working at it.
Her book was  is available at a variety of online bookstores. She said Amazon.com is a good place to find her work. It is accessible, she said, from all over the world.
Hayatian chose to set her story for Love is Blind But the Neighbors Ain’t in the 70s.
Most of the action in Hayatian’s story takes place on the Concordia SGW campus, or in the surrounding areas downtown